We could talk from here till infinity about how fantastic our casino games are, but that would not be helpful for you would it? We know you would prefer to test it all out yourself. But you need not be in a hurry. We have still got some great offers for you. Make use of the 20 free spins on offer immediately you register with us - no deposit fee required. Just confirm your email address and start playing on our slots immediately!

Confirming Your Email Address

Please follow these very simple steps and claim your 20 free spins immediately after confirmation:

  • Push the "sign up now" button at the bottom of the page.

  • Put down your information to continue registration and complete by filling in your email address.

  • Log on to your email and click on the verification link sent to you.

Congratulations. You have just earned 20 free spins for doing practically nothing!

What To Play with your free spins

We understand you are literally going crazy to find out the games available to play with your 20 free spins.

We have got fantastic news for you. Because we care about your enjoyment, we have given you the unique opportunity to spend your free spins on four of our famous games.

You can tango with the Dancers in Dancers Rush.

Fly with the fishes in Fishing With the Birds.

Hunt for the missing treasure in Treasure Hunter

Or journey to Amazon in the Amazon Adventure.

Why Are the Free Spins So Unique?

Well, unlike other casinos that offer you a free gift with the left hand and take your money with the right hand, our free spins are absolutely free. Many casinos offer free spins with ridiculous wagering requirements which makes the free spin more like a burden and a curse rather than a blessing. But with us, your free spin becomes a blessing in disguise? You know why? Because there is not a single wagering requirement and any wins you make are totally paid in cold hard cash. Straight inside your account. We will not delay your payment and you are absolutely within your rights to withdraw your money at any time you wish. Just follow the withdraw process here, and you will be as right as rain.

And The Bonuses Continue…

Apart from the free spins, we will also match you at 200% of any deposit you make up to €150. Christmas has never come earlier than when you sign up with us. We will us keep you in the loop in all the freebies, discounts, new releases, and promotions circulating around our casino.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Upon registering your email address, including confirmation, you shall receive 20 free spins.

  2. The free spins can be used on either of the games mentioned above.

  3. Free spins are equal in value to 10p per spin and expires five days after issue.

  4. Winnings may be withdrawn except in compliance with regulations.