We have made it extremely easy for you to deposit funds into your account. For you to do so, you have to follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Open the bank lobby page.

  2. Log on to the portal by signing in your account details (username + password).

  3. Press the "fund me" button.

  4. Press the "Deposit funds" button

  5. You will be shown a list of payment alternatives by which your account will be funded. Click on the preferred method and continue with payment.

  6. If you are unable to find a payment solution that fits your needs, please press the "other deposit options" button which will show you a tray of all the deposit methods acceptable in your jurisdiction.

  7. Continue payment by pressing the preferred alternative while making sure you adhere to the display prompts on your screen.

You are hereby advised that based on your currency of choice, this online casino reserves the right to convert your currency at the current exchange rate to complete the transaction. The exchange rate will be shown to you with your permission requested.

Should you accede to the request, your financial provider will go ahead to convert your currency at the exchange rate used by the casino's financial provider. The rate will be displayed on screen before confirmation by you into your account. We use the latest encryption technology 256 SSL to ensure your financial transactions with us are conducted in a secure and safe environment. For any information, please contact us here.


We are passionate about providing you the best casino experience ever. As part of our commitment to do so, we have put every framework in place to make sure you can withdraw your funds at the fastest possible time frame with the utmost convenience.

Withdrawing your money has never been easier when you follow the simple instructions provided below:

  1. Open the bank lobby page.

  2. Log on to the portal by signing in your account details (username + password).

  3. Press the "withdraw funds" button.

  4. In the tab allocated, insert the amount you want withdrawn from the account.

  5. Follow the instructions on the drop-down tray by clicking on the method you want your funds to be credited to your account.

  6. Please take a look at our withdrawal guidelines in order not to get into an issue or encounter delays.

  7. Press the submit button.

  8. To find out how to reverse a withdrawal please follow the instructions listed here.

  9. To check your account history (both deposit and withdrawal) please press the "financial history" button.

Important Notice

For ease of processing, all withdrawals made within a 24 hour time frame will be lumped together into one single payment.

Should you win in excess of €10,000 you may oblige to provide us extra documentation for us to make our verifications before transferring your funds into your account.

To find out more about our withdrawal policy, please click here.